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Facility Features


Facility Features
Facility Features

Three J's Industries shares our customers concerns for the environment and from our front door to our immaculate production floor, hi-tech laboratory and state of the art storage facility we have designed our facility and all processes to be in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and permits. It is our goal and commitment to ensure all of our customers' environmental requirements are met and that we meet and exceed our customers' expectations in electroplating.

Our state of the art storage facility was designed by Erwin Herz to keep our chemicals separated, safe & free from degrading contamination and environmental influences; a self contained overhead waste water treatment system prevents ground contamination. The processing lines allow plating flexibility and ensure that we can meet the unique requirements of each and every customer.

The flexibility on our production line gives us an advantage. Each barrel has its own self-contained motor which makes our line extremely versatile. Any size job from the smallest fastener to the largest stamping can be accommodated. We have installed back up pumps and motors on all equipment to ensure no down time. A complete machine shop is located on-site where equipment can be precisely fabricated and maintained for the production floor.

Due to the well thought out design of the facility it allows for a smooth flow throughout the order process resulting in a fast turnaround for our customers.

Modern and Comprehensive Laboratory

With the instrumentation in our modern laboratory, Three J's Industries, Inc has the capability of testing:

  • The plating thickness of parts by using a magna gauge, eddy current or X-Ray machine.
  • The quality of its water with an atomic absorption spectroscopy machine.
  • Plating baths for its chemical make-up by doing titrations daily.

In addition to this laboratory equipment, Three J's Industries, Inc. has a Rockwell Hardness Tester and Comparator on site as reference tools for our customers.

Chemical Safety and Environmental Compliance

The processes and equipment at Three J's Industries, Inc. are designed to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and permits. Our facility's waste water treatment area was designed with piping overhead, rather than underground, so there is no danger of soil and groundwater contamination. Clean process operation minimizes wastes and emissions that could otherwise contaminate the environment. Three J's is doing its best to protect the environment and your parts!

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