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Baking and Post Finishes

Baking & Post Finishing Colors
Baking & Post Finishing Colors

Three J’s Industries can bake plated parts in their 3,000 lb. batch furnaces, to reduce the potential for undesirable hydrogen embrittlement. Extended baking cycles are also available.

As the hardness of parts exceed 35RC, the risk for hydrogen embrittlement increases. The process of baking a part after plating raises the metal to a high temperature that promotes diffusion of the entrapped hydrogen. This then evens out the hydrogen distribution throughout the part and eliminates the voids at which potentially damaging stresses can be concentrated. However, there are no guarantees that baking completely removes hydrogen embrittlement.

Both cadmium and zinc plated parts can be coated with post finishes of organic coatings, waxes and dyes. Corrosion must first break through the post finish, then the chromate and finally the metal itself. At this point a red rust will form on the steel. Please visit Three J’s Industries metal finishing product line sheet for available chromates, dyes, organic coatings and waxes.

Metal Finishes

Metal Finishes Available
Zinc Electroplating
Zinc Iron Electroplating
Cadmium Electroplating
Bright Dipping
Post Finishing Services
Heavy Wax
Water Soluble Wax
Torx & Tension Wax
Wax with a Color Dye
Trivalent Post Finishes
Trivalent Clear
Trivalent Yellow
Trivalent Black
Trivalent Olive Drab
Trivalent Red
Trivalent Blue
Trivalent Metric Blue
Trivalent Green
Trivalent Orange
Trivalent Violet
Trivalent Fuchsine
Hexavalent Post Finishes
Clear Chromate
Yellow Dichromate
Yellow Leach
Yellow Leach After Bake
Silver Black
Red Dye
Blue Dye
Metric Blue
Green Dye
Olive Drab
Seal #2
Seal #3
Seal #4
Seal #5
Seal #5 Plus
Enseal #26
Gleitmo 603
Gleitmo 627

Facility Features

Sophisticated and Flexible Production Lines
The modern processes and equipment at Three J's Industries are designed for the following reasons:
  • To consistently achieve the requirements of demanding specifications.
  • To provide flexibility in the production schedule in order to meet delivery commitments.
  • To maintain a clean operation necessary to minimize wastes and emissions.
Any size job from the smallest fastener to the largest stamping can be accommodated. The company has backup items on all equipment to ensure no downtime. A complete machine shop is located on site where equipment can be precisely fabricated and maintained for production.
Modern and Comprehensive Laboratory
With the instrumentation in its modern laboratory, Three J’s Industries has the capability of testing:
  • The plating thickness of parts by using a magna gauge, eddy current or x-ray machine.
  • Both plating baths for its proper chemical make-up by doing titrations daily.
  • The quality of its water with an atomic absorption spectroscopy machine.
  • In-house salt spray testing is available to ASTM B117
In addition to this laboratory equipment, Three J’s Industries has a Rockwell Hardness Tester and Comparator on site as reference tools for our customers.
Chemical Safety and Environmental Compliance
The processes and equipment at Three J’s Industries, Inc. are designed to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and permits. Our facility’s waste treatment was designed with piping overhead, rather than underground, so there is no danger of soil and groundwater contamination. Clean process operation minimizes wastes and emissions that could otherwise contaminate the environment.
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